Marked 2.5.35

Marked allows you to preview your Markdown (in any flavor) as you write in your favorite text editor. It tracks your file changes and updates the preview as you go, even automatically scrolling to the point in the file where you’re currently working

Marked 2 includes a rewrite of the file-watching system for speed and accuracy. It speeds up just about every part of the app, making it even easier to get your work done without worrying about how it’s going to look or waiting for your preview to update

What’s New

Version 2.5.35:

  • Title page styling for Fountain documents
  • Code blocks missing when using Copy RTF
  • Ordered lists cutting off two and three digit numbers when exporting
  • Code size in GitHub style
  • CriticMarkup/Scrivener comments within a GitHub task list didn’t respond to hover events


OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor


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