Marked 2.5.32


Marked allows you to preview your Markdown (in any flavor) as you write in your favorite text editor. It tracks your file changes and updates the preview as you go, even automatically scrolling to the point in the file where you’re currently working.

Marked 2 includes a rewrite of the file-watching system for speed and accuracy. It speeds up just about every part of the app, making it even easier to get your work done without worrying about how it’s going to look or waiting for your preview to update.

What's New Version 2.5.32

  • Handle tags when previewing a Bear note, adding styling and avoiding turning into an h1
  • Bear tags can be hidden by turning off Proofing->Show Comments in the gear menu
  • Option to use first H1 as print title
  • Set page offset for page numbering when printing/exporting PDF
  • Option to use KaTeX instead of MathJax
  • Proper support for embedded images in Bear notes
  • Use Bear note title as window title, print header %title, and save document title
  • New configuration options reported automatically by the issue reporter
  • Better license view, now with “Deactivate” button for Paddle customers
  • %filename and %basename variables for use in PDF/print headers and footers
  • New type scale for Swiss style
  • Visually differentiate Scrivener comments and inline annotations
  • Due to bugs in the version of Webkit in Marked, fixed elements on the screen are being pared back. The TOC flickers enough on its own right now. So the document progress indicator option has been removed.
  • Crash when custom processor returned an error (esp. Pandoc)
  • Problem displaying images in a Scrivener document using Markdown syntax and relative path
  • Rendering breaking on some Scrivener inline annotations
  • MathJax handling when using Discount
  • Question marks in folder names cause path truncation
  • Disable syntax highlighting when “Poetry mode” is enabled