OmniPlan 3.12.3


With OmniPlan Pro, you can create logical, manageable project plans with Gantt charts, schedules, summaries, milestones, and critical paths. Break down the tasks needed to make your project a success, optimize resources, and streamline budgets. It’s project management made painless.

How to get your project done on time and under budget:

  • Translate strategy into tactics everyone can understand
  • Create summaries of work broken into lists of activities
  • Distribute workloads fairly and efficiently
  • Manage costs as you go

OmniPlan Pro adds the following features to OmniPlan’s robust management abilities:

  • Publish and subscribe
  • Change tracking
  • Monte Carlo simulation
  • AppleScript support
  • Earned-value analysis
  • Multi-project dashboard
  • Beautiful reports
  • Microsoft Project support
  • Auto-effort estimation

What's New Version 3.12.3

  • Change Tracking - The Hide Changes menu item once again hides the Change Tracking status bar as well as the Change Tracking sidebar.
  • Effort Calculation - Effort in weeks is now calculated properly in projects with daily granularity.
  • Gantt - Completing a milestone in a group is now immediately reflected in the group task bar’s completion state.
  • Layout - Addressed a few interface layout issues that were introduced in the previous release.
  • Printing - Fixed a bug that could cause group and hammock tasks to draw incorrectly when printing to PDF.
  • Scrolling - Chevrons in Gantt now scroll properly when task outline is scrolled.
  • Stability - Attempting to cancel publishing no longer crashes.
  • Stability - Fixed a scheduling crash.