Inboard 1.1.4


Inboard helps you organize your screenshots and photos like your own private, desktop-based version of Pinterest. It helps you to organize images that otherwise get lost in Finder, and serves as an inspiration you can browse through to get inspired for your next project.

  • Beautiful Pinterest-like display of your images
  • Capture full height webpage screenshots of websites that you love
  • Import your Dribbble likes
  • Import/export library as a .zip for easy migration
  • Organize images by using tags and folders
  • Masonry image grid for maximum screen space use
  • Yosemite ready

What's New Version 1.1.4

  • Fully supports macOS Mojave.
  • Safari extension is now bundled with the app. You can enable in Safari’s Extensions preferences.
  • Untagged view now keeps scroll position when tagging images.