IntelliJ IDEA 2019.2


IntelliJ IDEA lets you code without a hitch. It practices a non-intrusive, intuitive approach to help you write, debug, refactor, test and learn your code. Thanks to its deep understanding of languages and technologies, IntelliJ IDEA provides a second pair of hands for you when you need them. Playing the game by your rules without ever getting in your way – that’s what we believe is the key to a productive and pleasant development.

What's New Version 2019.2

  • Breadcrumbs are hidden after the start
  • Run Anything recent project description
  • Remove -agentlib:yjpagent64 on import of settings
  • I can't attach CPU profiler (JDK 11)
  • java.lang.AssertionError when close project
  • Good code red: Extending inner types of parameterised classes in external jars
  • Cannot revert to BashSupport plugin for *.sh shell files
  • "Windows defender configuration updated" notification appears even if UAC dialog was denied
  • Fonts in ProjectView under Darcula in Linux looks bad after sequental LaF changes
  • BookmarkItem should be copiable with readable presentation
  • BuildOutputInstantReaderImpl.getCurrentLine() does not work when reading over 50 lines
  • Completion popup has extremely small hight when invoked in debugger variables
  • NpmManager must not always instantiate default project unconditionally because it's bad for performance
  • File structure: Rename warning appeared under the File structure dialog
  • IDEA action to enumerate windows is needed
  • NodeJsInterpreterManager must not always instantiate default project unconditionally because it's bad for performance
  • DG 2019.2 hang on launching
  • Optimize Imports runs on too many files
  • Persistent profiler may prevent startup in case update is installed in a new folder and previous is disabled
  • Drag'n'Drop to move files within Project Tree View?
  • IDEA is deadlocked at startup before showing splashscreen
  • EditorScrollingPositionKeeper.perform(editor, false) causes sudden animation cancellation
  • Can't resize toolwindow dragging its title bar
  • A very long indexing of Ultimate project with strange `findLeafElementAt` call from `JavaFunctionExpressionIndex`
  • ShelveedChangesViewManager leaks contents
  • Cannot compile Groovy if Groovy is global library
  • Allow to provide snapshot folder (via -Dsnapshots.path)
  • Persistent Profiler can't be enabled if YK binaries were already copied
  • Undo action leads to Editor color schemes deletion
  • IDE freeze after user tries to start CPU usage profiling with tracing (windows)
  • BPMN diagram layout.
  • Can't attach a project without .iml file in /.idea
  • Copyright profiles UI needs more space
  • Associate With File Type: search doesn't work properly in the Register New File Type Association dialog
  • Call Hierarchy Tree Creates Infinite Nesting on Recursive Functions