iTerm 3.2.8


iTerm is a fork of the older iTerm project. iTerm is a Terminal replacement and the successor of iTerm. It focuses on speed, internationalization, and building new features to improve your life.

What's New Version 3.2.8

Bug fixes:
  • Fixes a bug where sessions become unusable after switching users and then switching back.
  • Ignore hotkey while an app-modal window is open to prevent a hang.
  • Fix some crashes.
  • Improve how language is determined by ignoring 3-letter language codes.
  • Fix a bug where annotations were not visible when using the GPU renderer.
  • Fix a bug where two concurrent downloads with the same filename would both write to the same file.
  • Disable window shadow when there's a transparent pane to prevent "ghosts" of characters persisting.
Other improvements:
  • Don't ask for full disk access on startup. Instead, request admin permissions when needed.
  • The bell icon is now cleared when a session becomes active (used to require a keypress).
  • Make toolbelta width and tools' heights more stable.
  • Improve tab colors in dark mode when there is a colored tab.
  • If you select a hidden pane in a maximized tab with open quickly switch to it without unmaximizing.
  • Prevent sessions from resizing while dragging a split pane over a maximized window.
  • Adds a public EdDSA key to begin the migration to a more secure app update algorithm.