Creo 2.0.6


Creo is a MacOS tool which aims to combine the Design and Development process into a single easy to use application. Traditional mobile app creation process is split between the design process and the development process, Creo merges the two separated steps into a single tool which enables you to focus on what makes your app unique instead of wasting time building a nonfunctional prototype or writing the same code to perform the same most common operations. Thanks to our CreoKit we always use NATIVE components and classes, no simulated or web based code is used

What's New Version 2.0.6

  • Added support for latest App Store requirements
  • Added support for Compiled Asset Catalog (app icon CAR builder)
  • Added ImageFilters support (based on CIFilters) to both Image and ImageView
  • Added preliminary support for manifest typing to Gravity (used for local autocompletion in code editor)
  • Added GravityConsole to quickly test Gravity code
  • Added RGBBuffer object to Images in order to access pixel information
  • Added Documents to the list of reserved keywords
  • Exposed renderedImage property to ImageView
  • Exposed clipsToBounds property to View inspectors
  • Exposed reset method to WebView
  • Exposed showAnnotations to MapView
  • Exposed zoomValue property to MapView
  • Exposed convertRect/convertPoint to all View subclasses
  • Improved app builder generator
  • Improved Flex documentation
  • Improved code editor
  • Improved Gravity language and virtual machine
  • Preserved origin points when controls are dragged inside a view
  • Fixed an issue with detached code editor
  • Fixed custom view orientation in the custom view editor
  • Fixed a disappearing bug in design board when resizing the document window with design board context created directly in landscape orientation
  • Fixed visibleRect property and the trackingArea to update correctly the proposed selection frames in each possible interface orientation.
  • Fixed first selected object when opening a detached code editor window
  • Fixed an issue with AppStore.requestReview() method
  • Fixed a couple of issue with TextField in secure mode
  • Fixed a codegen issue
  • Fixed a crash with gradient color
  • Fixed a multiple selection issue after copying/duplicating multiple objects in design board
  • Fixed a flex issue in calculating the content size when the view has flex width/height and content size flex
  • Fixed a bug in resizing a TextView in landscape orientation, particularly evident if the TextView height is small and width is large
  • Fixed a refresh issue with dataset not correctly reloaded when in cache
  • Fixed a Gravity issue with nested for loops
  • Fixed a padding issue in some Button configurations
  • Fixed an issue that prevents two or more gestures to be recognized simultaneously
  • Thanks to a new compilation process Creo should be now about 40% faster
  • Several internal fixes and improvements