Flix Player for YouTube 2.1.1


Flix Player gives you fast access to YouTube via the menubar with an option to watch videos Ad-Free in the built in native video player.
Also includes web cam recorder built in.


– Quickly access YouTube from your menu bar.
– Watch videos from the drop down web viewer or transfer to the built-in native video player with one click
– Watch videos ad-free in the native video player
– Open and watch videos on your computer in the native video player
– View the local player in full screen or windowed mode
– Record your own webcam videos
– Upload videos to YouTube.
– Watch movie trailers, videos, music videos and clips without having to open your web browser

Flix Player is a 3d party app and is not affiliated with or endorsed by YouTube or Google Inc.

What's New Version 2.1.1

  • Bug Fixes.