jAlbum 15.2


With jAlbum, you can create gorgeous custom photo galleries for the Web without writing a line of code!

  • Beginner-friendly, with pro results – Simply drag and drop photos into groups, choose a design from hundreds of beautiful album skins, and you’re done!
  • Share the memories – Effortlessly upload your album to your website. If you don’t have one, select one of jAlbum’s affordable storage plans.
  • Photo galleries for everyone – jAlbum is the perfect photo-sharing tool for bloggers, small business, social groups, and families.

What's New Version 15.2

News and Updates:
  • Introducing a new notion: Web directory. The Web directory is a global preference which can point out the root of a local web structure where to put album folders by default. jAlbum can now be instructed to either put new projects in an "album" sub folder of the project folder (still the default) or in a folder under the new web directory.
  • jAlbum's recent project list now finally displays the name of the project file instead of the containing folder's name if the project name isn't the default name (jalbum-settings.jap). This allows project files to be located under the same folder without ending up in a long list of the same folder name printed. Renaming an entry under "Recent projects" will rename the project file instead of renaming the project/image folder in case the project name isn't the default (jalbum-settings.jap). Use "File->Save project settings as" or Explorer/Finder to make the initial project name change.
  • Web locations may now use relative as well as absolute URLs
  • Slight performance enhancement to album making
  • No longer switches to newly installed skin (may cause unwanted changes to open projects)
  • Bundled with updated Java 9.0.4 (Windows + Linux)
  • Installed size reduced with 70MB (pruned unneeded code from bundled Java)
  • Developers: The StateMonitor can now monitor changes to the music play list component too
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed bug causing blank full screen review view mode under OS X High Sierra
  • Fix to unwanted regeneration of images
  • Wouldn't properly show license expired message
  • User variables weren't picked up from folders
  • If copying files where source file was missing, would delete destination file instead of signalling an error (since introduction of hard links)
  • Fixed rare nullpointer bug during album build