Mellel 4.1.5


Mellel is the leading word processor for OS X and has been widely considered the industry standard for long form documents since its inception. Mellel focuses on writers and scholars for technical writing and multilingual word processing. It offers special tools to help you write and organize long documents easily. If you need multilingual support or are writing bi-directional text, Mellel is just the thing for you: Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, and Syriac never looked better on a Mac. Even if you don’t need all the bells and whistles, Mellel is still the right choice for you: clean, stable, and easy to use.

What's New Version 4.1.5

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem that caused Mellel to hang when searching backwards in documents containing annotations that start on an inline (autotitles, citations etc)
  • Updated default templates so that note height limit is not 100%
  • Fixed an issue that caused Mellel to hang when setting the note height limit to a low value
  • Fixed an issue that caused the QuickIndex panel to revert to the first document index when an unknown word is selected
  • Fixed an issue that caused strange line spacing in footnotes in docx documents imported from Ulysses
  • Fixed an issue that caused Mellel to hang when importing docx documents produced by Pandoc
  • More graceful handling when dealing with documents containing illegal characters (like lone high/low surrogates)