BookmarkApp 1.7.6


BookmarkApp is an unique and useful tool for organizing bookmarks in Safari. Everyone who uses Safari as a main browser has many duplicated bookmarks. Even after cleaning, during importing, or adding new bookmarks, a lot of duplicates may appear. The aim of this tool is to make Safari clean and organized, and to save you time. Remove duplicate bookmarks and organize Safari. Fast and easy!

  • Duplicates:
    • Finds duplicates very fast
    • Deletes all duplicates with one click
    • Selective deletion in list
  • Sorting:
    • Sorts all bookmarks with one click
    • Puts folders first
  • Organizing:
    • Deletes unnecessary empty folders
    • Merges folders with same names
    • Moves bookmarks depending on search criteria in folder
    • Checks dead links
  • UI:
    • Professional translation and from native speakers

What's New Version 1.7.6

  • Fixed crash of "Check dead links" (which was introduced with macOS High Sierra update)
  • Performance improvements