MakeMusic Finale 25.2


Finale, which was created by MakeMusic Company, is one of the largest, most respected and most widely used notation software on the market. MakeMusic Finale began in 1988 and has expanded steadily in use and popularity.

MakeMusic Finale is mainly used by professionals in the music industry but can also be used by amateurs and aspiring musicians, composers and producers who want to give a professional touch to their music. MakeMusic Finale has been used to create scores for many popular films including Oscar nominees like Million Dollar Baby, The Aviator and The Village. MakeMusic Finale was also used to write the score of one of the Harry Potter films (Prisoner of Azkaban), together with successful animations such as The Polar Express and Ratatouille. MakeMusic Finale is also used by numerous composers and featured such advertisers as Brian Ferneyhough, Hal Leonard Corporation and Henle Verlag.

What's New Version 25.2

  • Exported inserts from the text and expression tools quality improved.
  • MusicXML now supports note shape settings in staff styles for built-in key signatures.
  • Improved SmartShape export to MusicXML.
  • The Measure Tool's Always Show option in MusicXML Export has been improved.
  • MusicXML export supports default Percussion Noteheads font, Jazz font characters 150-157, 180, 202, 203, 204, 224, 248, 249 and Engraver character 238.
  • MusicXML exports laissez-vibrer tie shape expressions and tied notes followed by rests correctly.
  • MusicXML export filters exact duplicate articulation and slur assignments.
  • Expressions with executable shape playback do not export MusicXML sound elements for playback, for either shape or text expressions.
  • 7(+9), 7(+9b13), and 7(b9/b5) chord symbols now export to MusicXML.
  • MusicXML stitches together brackets on separate systems during export.
  • Finale remembers MusicXML batch import/export folder between sessions.
  • MusicXML recognizes custom lines as piano pedals.
  • MusicXML now exports lyrics attached to hidden rests.
  • Finale exports any arbitrary shape expression as a graphic within a compressed MusicXML file.
  • MusicXML Preferences added to File > Import and File > Export.
  • Articulation position accuracy has been improved for MusicXML imports.
  • Vertical glissandos maintain their position when exported to MusicXML.
  • MusicXML export respects when Show Suffix is deselected.
  • Chord symbols in percussion notation export correct root and bass to MusicXML.
  • Scanning. The ability to import scanned documents has been removed from Finale.
  • Reset All Preferences. Reset All Preferences button added to the Preferences dialog box. .
  • Large Time Signatures. Large time signatures can be created easily with the new Time Signatures in Score and Time Signatures in Parts options in the Staff Attributes, Global Staff Attributes, and Staff Styles dialog boxes.
  • Transposed Instrument Note Entry. Transpose Audio On Input option added under MIDI/Audio > Device Setup to help aid QWERTY and mouse entry for transposed instruments.
  • ReWire. Finale can now be used with 3rd party digital audio workstations via ReWire.
  • Mirror tool. This tool has been removed but the user will be prompted to convert their notes.
  • Tempo tool. This tool has been removed. Users can still use some of the same functions with the MIDI Tool.
  • Movie Window. The Movie Window has been removed with the introduction of ReWire.
  • Garritan Ambience. Garritan Ambience has been removed. Garritan Convolution Reverb and Ambience can be added using the ARIA Player.
  • Garritan Instruments for Finale. New additions include the Concert D Grand Piano from Garritan Personal Orchestra 5, recorders, dulcimer, didgeridoo, full choir, and many other sounds from the Garritan World Instruments and Instant Orchestra libraries.
  • Contoured Dashed Slurs. Contoured dashed slurs are now available in the Smart Shape Palette and under Tools > Smart Shape > Dashed Slur. The previous Dashed Slur Smart Shape has been renamed to Dashed Curve and is still available in the Smart Shape Palette and under Tools > Smart Shape > Dashed Curve.
  • Percussion Note Types. Mark tree and snares off options available as percussion note types.
  • Printing. The Select Score and Parts for Printing dialog box has been incorporated into the Print dialog box.