HoudahSpot 4.4.2


HoudahSpot is an advanced file search utility based upon the powerful MacOS X Spotlight database.
Spotlight unleashed

  • Create detailed queries to pinpoint the exact file you need
  • Narrow down searches. Step by step, zero in on files
  • Save active queries for direct access to your favorite files
  • Set up templates for frequently performed searches

Your files at your fingertips

  • Keep frequently used files within reach
  • Retrieve the files you didn’t know you still had
  • Preview matches within text content
  • Copy results as tab-delimted values

What's New Version 4.4.2

  • Fixes a bug where the "+" button to add search criteria could get stuck
  • Fixes a bug where dragging search criteria snippets to the Refine pane could fail
  • Fixes a bug where HoudahSpot failed to request permissions to search your photos