Redshift 2.0.1


Redshift is an educational astronomy application. Perform 3D flights and visit all the planets in our Solar System and their main moons. Detailed surface maps display the objects in a close-up, and once you have arrived at your target object, you can enter into an orbit around the celestial body.

  • The application goes beyond the basic planetarium as it also displays a 3D-model of the nearby part of our Galaxy.
  • More than 2,500,000 stars, 70,000 fascinating Deep Sky objects, 10,000 minor planets, 250 famous comets visiting our planet, all major and dwarf planets, as well as Earth’s Moon and the main planetary moons
  • 3D-depiction of the Solar System’s 25 major moons, 10 minor planets and more than 30 fascinating deep space objects
  • Comprehensive astronomical data for all celestial objects
  • Scenic 3D-flights round stars, planets, moons and deep space objects
  • Live update option to download new discoveries and orbital data of satellites, comets and asteroids.
  • Various ambient settings
  • Time travel: Create night sky views for any location at any time in the past or in the future (from 1000 A.D. to 3000 A.D.)
  • Enhanced Dictionary of Astronomy and integrated display of information gathered from Wikipedia

What's New Version 2.0.1

  • Various smaller tweaks and optimizations