Jump Desktop 8.1.6


Jump Desktop is an extremely simple to use OS X remote desktop application designed to enable its users to safely and securely connect to other computers over their local area network or the internet.

Moreover, the Jump Desktop app is compatible with both VNC and RDP desktop sharing protocols, a fact that makes it a swiss army knife for people that need to access remote machines on a daily basis.

Jump Desktop also automatically encrypts all traffic between the remote and the host computer using SSL/TLS, as well as NLA and SSH tunneling for RDP and VNC, respectively.

Furthermore, because it comes with integration with OS X’s Spotlight, Jump Desktop makes it possible to rapidly and effortlessly find remote desktops and connect to them with a simple mouse click.

Besides having support for the most used desktop sharing protocols, Jump Desktop is also developed using open standards, therefore you always know that you’re data is secure, and the technology behind the app audited and verified not to contain backdoors and other similar bugs.

What's New Version 8.1.6

  • RDP: Setting desktop scale to 125% scale didn't work and has been replaced with 130% scaling.
  • App startup might be slow if a network drive is selected in RDP's Shared Folder list
  • Some users could not log into their Jump Desktop accounts
  • Passwords might not be saved properly
  • Stability