CalEventer 3.2.0


No more output limitations for Calendar! This indispensable utility will list all of your Calendar Events (recurring and non-recurring) from a chosen list of your calendars (Local and iCloud) within a specified date range.

The Location & Weekday Filters allow you to narrow down your Events to any combinations you can imagine, thus helping you to generate useful Event listings that do the job you want to do.

The Event list is created instantaneously upon clicking the Go button, and placed into the clipboard as either plain text, Rich text, or (X)HTML formatted text, and can thus be pasted into any word processing or text editing software you like.

Calendar and Event data is drawn directly from the Calendar Store database, therefore, Calendar need not be running to use this application. All Events, including recurring Events, for the specified date range are selected and incorporated into your final output.

The unbelievably simple interface will have you more organized moments after downloading!

Please visit the Web Site to view the complete Help Book, detailed screenshots, and short video demonstrations.

What's New Version 3.2.0

  • User-defined Date formats now available in Preferences, Location Table Selection enhancements.