MenuTab for Trello 1.6


MenuTab for Trello allows you to quickly access your Trello account directly from your Mac’s menu bar.

#1 Trello app on the App Store!

#1 Mac Productivity app on the App Store in 32 countries!

* Instantly access to Trello via your Mac’s menu bar.

* Real-time popup Notifications will be shown on your Mac Notification Center.

* Reminder for unread notifications after every 3 minutes and can be adjusted from settings.

* Hot Key: Control + Shift + T.

* Fully support OS X Yosemite.

Never miss your Notifications on Trello again.

What's New Version 1.6

  • New feature: support Dark Mode for OS X Yosemite.
  • New feature: support Hot Key to open/close the app: "Control + Shift + T"
  • Bug fixes: improve layout, remove all unnecessary texts and make more space for useful content.
  • Please let us know if you face any bugs, we love to make the app better for you.