MATLAB 9.4.0


MATLAB is a high-level language and interactive environment that enables you to perform computationally intensive tasks faster than with traditional programming languages such as C, C++, and Fortran.

What's New Version 9.4.0

  • Live Editor: Create live functions with richly formatted documentation, including equations and images
  • Live Editor: Debug live functions and scripts
  • Live Editor: Add sliders and drop-down lists to control variable values in a live script
  • Live Editor: Sort table data interactively
  • Live Editor: Create a table of contents and add formatted code examples​
  • Live Editor: Select and edit a rectangular area of code
  • Add-Ons Explorer: Browse by category to discover convenient, helpful add-ons
  • Comparison Tool: Find differences in live scripts and functions
  • Favorites: Rerun favorite commands
  • Toolbox Packaging: Specify portability information for custom toolboxes
Language and Programming:
  • Empty Arrays: Create complex empty arrays using functions such as zeros and ones
  • Code Compatibility Report: Generate compatibility report from Current Folder browser
  • timer Object: Access properties with multilevel indexing
  • Graph and digraph Objects: Work with multigraphs that have multiple edges between two nodes
  • Graph and digraph Objects: Calculate component sizes and weighted adjacency matrices
  • GraphPlot Object: Visualize graphs with additional options for 'force', 'force3', and 'circle' layouts
  • Polyshape Objects: Analyze polygons with turningdist, nearestvertex, and overlaps functions
  • Polyshape Objects: Return vertex map and accept arrays with compatible sizes for intersect, subtract, union, and xor functions
  • Polybuffer Function: Create buffer around points or lines
  • Triangulation Objects: Find neighboring vertices and locations of query points with improved performance
  • ode45 Function: Solve nonstiff differential equations faster
  • Axes Object: View axes at small size with improved layout, limit selection, and font scaling
  • Axes Object: Map data values to colormap using linear or logarithmic scale
  • Legend Object: Create legends with multiple columns
  • heatmap Function: Zoom and pan data, display data tips, and sort rows and columns interactively
  • geobubble Function: Explore with interactive data tips and a scale bar​ ​
  • Axes Toolbar: Add toolbars to your axes for quick access to pan, zoom, and other data exploration tools
  • Property Inspector: Modify graphics interactively with an improved property inspector
  • Polygon Object: Control color and transparency of hole edges
Data Import and Export:
  • Readtable Function: Specify the number of rows to read from a text file using import options
  • Readtable Function: Easily manage prefixes and suffixes from data using import options
  • Preview Function: Preview first 8 rows of a table in a file without importing the full table
  • imageDatastore Function: Work with millions of images with improved memory usage and performance
  • Datastore Functions: Seamlessly work with datasets stored on cloud and local machines
  • Datastore Functions: Read HDFS data more easily when using Hortonworks or Cloudera
  • Readtable, detectImportOptions, datastore, and tabularTextDatastore Functions: Automatically detect and return duration data in text files
  • detectImportOptions Function: Control import properties of duration data
  • VideoReader Function: Read video files faster on all platforms
  • VideoWriter Function: Write video files faster on all platforms
  • openDiskFile Function: Read data files in FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) data format
  • Webwrite Function: Support for NTLM authentication
Data Analysis:
  • groupsummary Function: Group and discretize data for summary operations on table and timetable variables
  • Table and Timetable Variables: Add, delete, and rearrange column-oriented variables with the functions addvars, removevars, movevars, splitvars, mergevars, rows2vars, and inner2outer
  • Preallocated Tables and Timetables: Initialize table and timetable variables so that they have specified sizes and data types
  • Regular Timetables: Create regularly spaced timetables using a time step or sampling rate
  • retime and synchronize Functions: Synchronize timetables to a time step or sampling rate that you specify
  • duration Arrays: Create duration arrays from text that represents elapsed times
  • normalize Function: Normalize array, table, and timetable data
  • tall Arrays: Operate on tall arrays with more functions, including smoothdata, find, and isoutlier
  • tall Array Indexing: Use tall numeric arrays to index the first dimension
  • tall Arrays: Solve linear systems Ax = b
  • tall Arrays: Return group labels with findgroups
  • tall Arrays: Set date and time components of tall datetime and tall duration arrays
  • tall Arrays: Set properties of tall tables and tall timetables
App Building:
  • App Designer: Create deployed web apps using MATLAB Compiler
  • App Designer: Add and configure tree components on the App Designer canvas
  • App Designer: Select from recently used argument sets when running apps with input arguments
  • App Designer: Edit axes title and label directly in the canvas
  • GUIDE: Migrate GUIDE apps to App Designer
  • App Testing Framework: Author automated tests for App Designer apps
  • Figure Objects: Maximize and minimize figures programmatically
  • uitable Function: Specify data as table array
  • uidatepicker Function: Add date selection controls to apps
  • uiprogressdlg Function: Create modal in-app progress dialog boxes to apps
  • uitree Function: Create trees with editable node text in the running app
  • Component Text Alignment: Improved text alignment for labels, check boxes, and radio buttons
  • Startup: Increased speed of MATLAB startup time
  • Execution Engine: Execute tight loops with scalar math faster
  • Execution Engine: Improved performance for common programming patterns
  • App Designer: Starting, loading, and layout tasks are faster
Hardware Support:
  • Raspberry Pi: Support for Raspberry Pi Zero W board
  • MATLAB Online: Acquire live images from USB webcams in MATLAB Online
Advanced Software Development:
  • Tab Completion: Describe your function syntaxes for custom tab completion and other contextual suggestions
  • Unit Testing Framework: Run tests from the MATLAB Editor toolstrip
  • App Testing Framework: Author automated tests for App Designer apps
  • Unit Testing Framework: Rerun failed tests with one click
  • Unit Testing Framework: Test if values point to existing files or folders with IsFile and IsFolder constraints
  • Unit Testing Framework: Test if two sets are the same with IsSameSetAs constraint
  • Unit Testing Framework: Select tests by test class hierarchy
  • Unit Testing Framework: Direct output stream to unique files for plugins
  • Unit Testing Framework: Increased access to parameterized testing properties
  • Unit Testing Framework: Compare cell arrays of character arrays using StringComparator
  • Unit Testing Framework: Comparison method for objects changed
  • Performance Testing Framework: Define multiple, labeled measurement boundaries in test methods
  • Mocking Framework: Specify default property values on mock object
  • Mocking Framework: Obtain interaction history for mock object
  • Mocking Framework: Construct mocks for classes that have Abstract properties with other attributes
  • Package: Stream data to and from a web service and handle forms and multipart messages
  • C++ MEX Interface: Access MATLAB data and objects easier from C++
  • Class Constructors: Author subclass without implementing a constructor solely to pass arguments through to a superclass constructor
  • Property Validation: Get information about property validation
  • Property Validation: Define validation for abstract properties
  • Functions: Call numArgumentsFromSubscript for object dot method from overloaded subsref
  • Classes: Concatenate matlab.lang.OnOffSwitchState enumeration members with nonmember char and string
  • Python Version 3.4: Support discontinued
  • Source Control Integration: View changes, save revisions, and manage repository locks
  • MATLAB Engine API for C++: Set and get a property value on an object in an object array
  • MATLAB Data API: Applications built with R2018a API do not run in MATLAB R2017b
  • MEX Functions: Build C MEX Files with Interleaved Complex API
  • MEX Functions: Release-specific build options
  • Version Embedded in MEX Files
  • Perl 5.26.1: MATLAB support
  • System objects: Create System Objects in MATLAB
  • System object support for strings
  • .NET: Supports string data type
  • Compiler support changed for building MEX files and standalone MATLAB engine and MAT-file applications