Bluetail 2.3


Bluetail is a beautifully designed, easy-to-use vector drawing application to help you create inspiring vector graphics. It has all tools, giving you power that let you draw any kind of shapes, technical illustrations, and beautiful art.

  • Export designs as Vector PDF, PNG, JPEG, and TIFF files
  • Import SVG files
  • Professional drawing tools
  • Bezier pen tool for creating custom shapes
  • Pencil tool for free drawing and sketching
  • Custom shape tools: polygon, star, arc
  • Boolean operations to combine simple shapes into complex shapes
  • Path selection and editing
  • Fill and stroke feature: shapes can have unlimited fills and strokes
  • Shadows: fill and stroke shadow give your ideas even better look
  • Shape dimensioning feature
  • Rotate, scale tool
  • Convert to outline
  • Text tools
  • Styles: copy and paste style
  • Apply multiple strokes, fills, and shadows to any object
  • Arrange the order of fills, strokes using drag and drops
  • Simple and powerful interface, built for OS X
  • 64-bit native
  • Optimized for Retina and non-Retina displays
  • Text path tool
  • Layers and groups
  • Lock, unlock shapes and layers
  • Alignment guides
  • Rulers – pixels, inches, millimeters, centimeters
  • Snap to grid – align and distribute objects
  • Duplicate
  • Linear and radial gradients
  • Convert text to paths
  • Expand stroke

What's New Version 2.3

  • Added image fill and properties for image adjustment
  • Bug fixes