GraphicConverter 10.7


GraphicConverter is an all-purpose image-editing program that can import 200 different graphic-based formats, edit the image, and export it to any of 80 available file formats.

The high-end editing tools are perfect for graphic manipulation as well as the ability to use Photoshop-compatible plug-ins. It offers batch-conversion capabilities, a slide-show window, batch rename, batch and individual editing of metadata (EXIF, IPTC, XMP) and so much more.

What's New Version 10.7

New features
  • Browser context menu: append path to iptc caption
  • Offset gps date/time stamp command
  • Dehaze batch action
  • Clear of keyword palette
  • Import of exported LR keywords into keyword palette
  • Sort by rating & aspect ratio and resolution & pixelsize added
  • Sort folders separate
  • New service: convert to JPEG at 75 or 85 percent
  • Sliders in dialogs moveable by scrollwheel
  • Image context menu entry for animation: save frames as separate GIFs/PNGs
  • Browser context menu: copy exif date to other metadata dates
  • Browser preferences: ignore folders list
  • Preferences: browser/cloud drives - option to change paths to mirrored cloud drives
Updated features
  • Display of autofocus point of some FUJI cameras
  • Open with application will be called with all selected files at once (macOS 10.10 or later)
  • Option to disable slideshow effects on 10.13.x or earlier
  • Option to disable display of zoom during slideshow zoom
  • Find duplicate resolves aliases and symlinks
  • Improved ratio display in browser
  • Localizations
  • Cocooner: export option: set file date to exif date
  • Ftp upload modernized
  • Improved Spotlight search of RAWs with sidecar file
  • Exiftool
  • DynaPDF
Bug fixes
  • Fixed possible messages during rename preview
  • Fixed possible crash during rotation of 32 bit grayscale image
  • Fixed possible zoom issue during the slideshow
  • Fixed possible crash upon sort by Exif date on 10.9
  • Fixed possible quality settings issue during saving as HEIC
  • Fixed bug during storing label inside XMP data
  • Fixed toolbox/information window status issue
  • Fixed possible crash during fetching metadata of RAWs with corrupt internal XMP but valid sidecar file