Timemator 2.2

Timemator lets you fully automate your time-tracking based on your activities on the Mac. Just tell Timemator what files, applications or websites you use for your work and it will start the timer for you. Automatically!


  • Auto-tracking
  • Traditional timer
  • Flexible tasks structure
  • Quick access from the menu bar
  • Track billable hours and your revenue
  • Powerful reports
  • Works completely offline
  • Respects your privacy. No data is sent anywhere.
  • Native Mac-app

What’s New

Version 2.2:

  • Significantly improved URL tracking in all Chromium-based browsers and Safari.
  • Prevent the URL from being tracked in the incognito mode in Google Chrome.
  • Added URL tracking support for Chrome Canary, Safari Technology Preview, Brave Browser and Vivaldi.
  • Updated URL tracking support for Opera, Yandex Browser and Microsoft Edge.
  • Added tracking of document titles in Notion!
  • Rule Configurator: the selected application path will be saved while changing the rule type from "Launched application" to "Active application" and otherwise.
  • Updated content of the Welcome window.
  • The wrong folder duration calculation after a task was moved from one folder into another inside the task editor popover.
  • The missing screens of the Welcome window and the Auto-tracking examples in the Preferences if the system is setup to localization other than English or German.
  • The behaviour of the "Collapse" and "Expand" options in the task filter list (Reports window).
  • The tracking of URLs containing quotes.
  • Couple of localization issues.


macOS 10.13.0 or later


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