Sparkle Pro 2.5.3 – Visual website creator.

Sparkle Pro 2.5.3
Sparkle Pro will change your mind if you thought building websites wasn’t for you. Sparkle is the intuitive site builder that lets you create sites for your online portfolio, team or band pages, or business and clients. Skip the tedium and design a gorgeous site that works right out of the box. Sparkle turns your design into a live site on the fly, no coding and no jargon. You don’t need to know about code or other web programming concepts: Sparkle makes sites happen.

With Sparkle Pro you:

  • Create landing pages in a matter of minutes–test your ideas quickly
  • Focus your attention on content and layout
  • Quickly iterate on fully functional site designs
  • Quickly add galleries, video, audio, maps, social buttons, and downloadable files
  • Web fonts, retina graphics and delightful animations for stunning output quality
  • Visual contact form creation
  • Default wireframe look to share your site at any stage of construction
  • You’re never constrained by a rigid page structure or by templates
  • Mobile device support via phone and tablet specific layouts
  • Live preview of your site on computers, tablets and phones, while you edit
  • Built-in incremental FTP to rapidly publish to any web host
  • Privacy and cookie law support
  • Backed by a product-focused company praised for its support and helpfulness

What’s New

Version 2.5.3:

  • improved text editing performance for long text blocks
  • improved performance with some images
  • improved import for some sites
  • fixed canvas and layout issues with text wrap
  • fixed image gallery inspector thumbnails
  • fixed image gallery labels not animating when using lightboxes
  • fixed nested link HTML generation
  • fixed HTML text encoding for web server that disable UTF8
  • fixed excess memory use in some cases
  • fixed publishing with multiple folders levels
  • fixed incorrect layout related to scroll locations 2.5.2:
  • fixed menu changing orientation in some cases
  •  fixed text editing crash on macOS 10.9 and 10.10
  • fixed text elements changing position in some cases 2.5.1:
  •  fixed gallery labels with links and animation
  • fixed layout differences with pre 2.5 sites
  • fixed text wrap related issues
  • fixed text list related issues
  • fixed social media icon changing aspect occasionally
  • improved performance in many areas
  • fixed many bugs Sparkle 2.5 introduces high fidelity text layout and text wrapping around image shapes, giving you unprecedented creative control over web page layout. Sparkle 2.5 is also more efficient, more robust and more compatible.
  • added text wrapping around images
  • significantly improved text layout precision and accuracy
  • added advanced text settings and text shadows
  • added image color filters
  • added per-image links and labels on image galleries
  • added Google Tag Manager support
  • added local business metadata editor
  • added HTML id customization
  • improved file format to reduce system resource usage
  • improved video player compatibility
  • improved publishing compatibility with many web hosts


OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor


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