SonicWeb Internet Radio Player 2.4 – Internet radio player and recorder.

SonicWeb Internet Radio Player 2.4

SonicWeb is an advanced multi-radio recording internet radio player. It plays free internet radio stations, records, and automatically splits the recorded streams into separate tracks and adds them to playlists. It supports the creation of custom playlists and allows the export of tracks to iTunes and into files.

SonicWeb combines the functionality of an Internet radio player and recorder in a powerful, unique way. Playback is gapless, tracks of different radio stations are crossfaded into each other. SonicWeb adjusts the loudness of loud and quiet tracks automatically. These features enable uniform and unbroken audio playback just like with a regular radio station. In combination with the ability to record multiple radio stations simultaneously, SonicWeb will automatically create your own, personal radio stations.

What’s New

Version 2.4:

  • Removed the track export function. According to Apple it is a violation of the Mac App Store policies to create transferable files from streaming content, even from internet radio stations. If you like to continue using the track export function please get in touch.
  • New tracks area that offers a radio station independent overview of all recordings with filter and sorting options
  • Enhanced mini-player that now offers the possibility to choose what to play from the entire library when playback is stopped
  • The sleep timer can now be set to up to 6 hours
  • The dialog for adding radio stations to station lists now also offers recently played radio stations to choose from
  • If Mac OS is in Dark Mode, a white menu icon is now used in the menu bar
  • If a live playing radio station is paused, it will be stopped now instead of starting a recording
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the album search from working
  • An error was corrected so that the volume settings now remain after a restart
  • Fixed some bugs that could cause crashes in some situations when deleting currently running radio stations, station lists or playlists


OS X 10.8 or later, 64-bit processor


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