Short Menu 2.1 – Fast and intelligent URL shortener.

Short Menu 2.1
Short Menu is a lightning fast and intelligent URL shortener for your mac. Short Menu sits in your menubar, waiting for you to shorten an URL. It supports 20 different services and is very easy to use. Simply click on Short Menu’s menubar icon to open it. It automatically takes the URL from your clipboard. You only have to press one button, then Short Menu will shorten your URL and automatically copy the short URL for you. After shortening an URL, Short Menu saves both URLs in the history and sends a notification to you. These notifications are optional and you can configure them in the preferences. But there are more and faster ways to shorten an URL with Short Menu. A feature called Quick Short makes it possible to shorten an URL with a shortcut. Just press the shortcut you entered, and Short Menu takes the URL from your clipboard, shortens it and automatically copies the short URL for you. If you want to use Short Menu even faster, you’ll love the feature Auto Short. If it’s activated, it watches your clipboard and waits for you copying an URL. When it detects an URL, it shortens it and automatically copies the short URL for you. If you don’t want to let Short Menu watch your clipboard or to use shortcuts, you can right-click Short Menu’s menubar icon to shorten the URL from your clipboard. While shortening an URL in background with these features, Short Menu’s menubar icon will animate, so that you see that it works. To use Droplr and CloudApp you have to login to your own account in Short Menu’s preferences. You can also use your own account for the services and, but that’s optional. If you have multiple accounts of a service, you can login to all and switch between your accounts. You also don’t have to use Short Menu’s standard services. You can configure as many custom services as you want in Short Menu’s preferences. What makes Short Menu so awesome?

  • Lightning fast URL shortening
  • Quick Short: Use a shortcut to shorten URLs
  • Auto Short: Automatically let shorten every URL you copy
  • 20 different services are supported by default
  • Add as many custom services as you want
  • Login to as many, Droplr and CloudApp accounts as you want
  • You can customize Short Menu’s appearance
  • Short Menu supports OS X and Growl Notifications
  • Find all your shortened URLs again in the history
  • Share shortened URLs on Twitter, Facebook and via Messages (Messages OS X 10.8 only)
  • Visit shortened URLs with one click
  • Right-click Short Menu’s menubar icon to shorten an URL
  • You can use a shortcut to open Short Menu’s popup
  • Launch Short Menu automatically at login
  • You can select the sounds Short Menu should use
  • Shorten your selected URL without opening Short Menu, by using Short Menu’s OS X Service
  • Introduction to discover Short Menu
  • Optimized for Retina Displays

What’s New

Version 2.1:

Short Menu 2.1 is the biggest update since version 2.0! Everything has been improved and redesigned.
  • New look: beautiful new app icon and preferences icons
  • Redesigned Short Menu's popover: it's now easier than ever to use and you can enter custom suffixes for short URLs
  • Mini history: you can now always see your last three shortened URLs right in Short Menu's popover
  • Auto Short rules: you can now apply a blacklist or whitelist to Auto Short
  • New system for custom services: you can now entirely control the requests Short Menu sends to your custom services
  • iCloud sync: Short Menu will sync your history and custom services with iCloud (also works with the iOS version of Short Menu!)
  • Improved accessibility
  • You can now resize the history window
  • does now work again
A lof of the magic behind Short Menu has been changed. This version requires OS X 10.9 and after updating...
  • you'll need to add your accounts again.
  • you'll need to configure your custom services again.


OS X 10.9 or later


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