PowerPhotos 1.7.4

PowerPhotos allows you to break up your Photos.app images among multiple Photos libraries, rather than having to store all of them in one giant library. You can easily switch between libraries, or just browse the photos in your libraries directly from PowerPhotos, without having to open each library in Photos.

PowerPhotos also supports searching across all your libraries at once to help track down a particular photo. If you use iCloud Photo Library to sync photos with your other devices, splitting up your library can help save on iCloud storage costs. Use a single library to hold a smaller collection that you sync with iCloud, while keeping the bulk of your photos in separate libraries so they don’t take up space on iCloud. PowerPhotos can analyze your libraries for duplicate photos, showing them to you side-by-side and letting you get rid of extra copies of photos that you no longer need.

What’s New

Version 1.7.4:

  • Update version recognition for libraries on 10.15.1
  • Dates with custom time zones now have those time zones preserved when copying between libraries on 10.15
  • Fixed a bug where HDR Live Photos would not have their videos copied
  • You can now drag a Photos library onto the PowerPhotos app icon to add it to the library list
  • Control-clicking a photo in grid view now shows the same contextual menu as right clicking
  • Improved progress display when submitting logs in the Contact Support window


macOS 10.12.2 or later, 64-bit processor


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