Ortelius 2.0.8 – Vector drawing app especially for cartography work.

Ortelius 2.0.8

Ortelius is a full-featured vector drawing application especially for map design. Ortelius allows you to draw directly with features such as roads, rivers, coastlines, buildings, symbols and contours. Ortelius is known for its unique “connectable tracks” and expert stacked styles that make drawing tedious map features easy. Every object supports attribute data that can be referenced by text labels, and everything can be directly drawn and positioned simply by dragging and dropping. Though Ortelius is emphatically not a GIS, it does have minimal support for importing shapefiles (developers note georeferencing and re-projections are not spurted). Powerful and extensive text features give you a fine degree of control over labelling. Create your own styles and symbols or use any of the many hundreds built-in. Unlimited layers and layer groups keep your work organized.

What’s New

Version 2.0.8:

New or Improved
  • Release for macOS 10.13 High Sierra.
  • [Change] Roundabouts are now inserted at the same stack position (z order) as the contributing parent track, which leads to less reordering work when rendering casements the modern way.
  • [Change] Replaced Symbols exercise template.
  • [Change] Artboard brought up to the same build level as Ortelius, including all fixes and changes for Ortelius version 2 in general.
  • [Change] Tab rendering for icon and text label now done at twice the resolution, to improve appearance on retina screens.
  • [Enhancement] The Paste In Place command (option+command+V) from Artboard was added to Ortelius. This skips all paste offset computations when pasting, so objects go into the same original positions.
  • A serious bug where a file could not be saved after copy/paste of a track was fixed.
  • A problem where hidden labels on shapes and symbols could still be selected was fixed.
  • A problem where the paste offset applied when pasting connected tracks caused incorrect positioning was fixed.
  • [Bugfix/Change] Track rendering now works differently for trimming junctions, avoiding a problem with double-drawing and misaligned drawing when using certain styles. In addition, drawing performance is improved.
  • Exporting a Collection had an issue where the progress message wasn’t being removed after Export, preventing the Library Manager window from being closed. A related memory management bug was also fixed.
  • (Regression) Transparent setting on Export was being ignored.


OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor


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