Ninox Database 2.5.8

Ninox is a simple flat-file database system.

  • Tables — With Ninox you manage your data in tables that you can browse, filter, sort and group.
  • Data fields — Ninox offers a variety of data fields, including text, numbers, Yes / No, list, date, time, picture and web address.
  • Relations — Link tables to each other to represent complex situations.
  • Forms — For neat enter data, make simple drag-and-drop forms.
  • Find — The fast full-text search is the very center of Ninox, so you immediately jump to the desired information.
  • Calculations — As in a spreadsheet to make calculations about individual records, or even entire tables linked tables.
  • Calendar — All entries with date reference are clearly displayed in the calendar.
  • Diagrams — Point to a button the current state.
  • Export — Of course, you can also export your data to further process them with Excel.
  • Roles and rights — Control exactly who can see or change the data.

What’s New

Version 2.5.8:
Kanban, GANTT, gallery, fullscreen form view: 4 new ways to visualize your data.

  • Kanban charts: Pick a grouping column and let Ninox render your data as Kanban swim lanes.
  • GANTT charts: Ninox will automatically render GANTT bars from the first two date fields in the table view.
  • Cards view: Let Ninox show your records as nicely rendered cards on a gallery.
  • Form view: Displays the form full screen.
  • Styled headlines and free text elements
  • Tooltips: Help your users with optional tooltips.
  • Schema protection: Password-protect your templates from modification.
  • Global fucntion definitions: Define reusable functions in the global context.
  • Trigger on open: Define actions that will be executed when the database is opened.


OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor


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