Curio 10.3.2 – Brainstorming and project management app.

Curio 10.3.2

Curio is the premier brainstorming and project-management application designed to promote visual thinking. Using Curio’s innovative freeform interface and tools, you can intuitively gather, associate, and recall your ideas, while easily managing all the notes and documents associated with your project.

The heart of Curio is the idea space. Think of idea spaces as your whiteboard, notebook, and sketchpad all wrapped up into one. Within a Curio project, you can create an unlimited number of idea spaces where you can place anything anywhere on the page. Brainstorm or organize your notes with freeform collages of text, images, URLs, documents, Mail messages, movies, and sounds. Give the idea space a note paper or graph paper style, or perhaps a linen paper texture. This is your idea space, with your notes and ideas. Make it the way you want it to look.

What’s New

Version 10.3.2:

New Features
    More intuitive default styling for figures dropped/pasted into collections
    • When pasting or dropping items within or into a collection, Curio will default to adopt the styling appropriate for placement in the destination collection.
    • However, the Shift key can be used to keep the styling instead. That is, simply hold Shift while dropping, or press Command-Shift-V, or hold Shift when choosing Edit > Paste, and Curio will keep the figure's styling as-is instead of adopting the destination's default styling.
  • Organizer
    • New Folder From Selection - Select one or more items in the Organizer and instantly create a new folder containing those items.
    • Copy Idea Space as PNG, JPG, and PDF - If the Organizer has focus, and a single idea space is selected, new options are available under the Edit > Copy As submenu including PNG, JPG, and PDF so you can quickly grab an image copy of your entire idea space.
    • Quickly Open Organizer Documents - Double-click on a document dragged into the Organizer to open it with its default application.
    • Refresh Organizer Documents - If you edit an Organizer document outside of Curio which is currently being displayed in either the primary or secondary splitview then when you return to Curio its display and Organizer thumbnail will be automatically refreshed.
  • Evernote
    • Attribution Line - When you drag a note from the Evernote shelf into Curio, a new attribution line will now be appended to the text so you can get back to the original note in the Evernote Mac client. This addition can be disabled with the Evernote Note URL advanced setting.
    • Source URL - Similarly, when you drag an image from the Evernote shelf into Curio, you can now right-click on the image on the idea space and choose Reveal In Evernote to reveal the originating note that contained that image in the Evernote Mac client. However, if Evernote gives us a "source URL" indicating which website originally had that image then we'll go to that source URL instead of the Evernote note.
    • Force Host - Yinxiang Biji (aka Evernote China) Users: You can now force Curio's Evernote shelf to connect to a specific Evernote host using the new Evernote Force Host advanced setting. This can be used to force a connection to the service, instead of, if the automatic mechanism for doing so (based on IP address and locale) is not working. (Unfortunately I'm unable to test this here in the US and so far I haven't received any assistance from Evernote Dev via their StackOverflow support channel.)


OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor


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