Cornerstone 2.7.13 – Feature-rich Subversion client.

Cornerstone 2.7.13

Cornerstone allows you to take control of Subversion with a client application that was specifically designed for Mac users. Cornerstone integrates all of the features you need to interact with your repository and does so in an elegant and easy-to-use fashion.

Whether you’re new to versioning or a Subversion expert, Cornerstone will help streamline your workflow and make version control more transparent.

  • Combines the elegance of the Mac with the power of Subversion.
  • Perfect companion to Xcode, BBEdit, TextMate, Coda, etc.
  • Use Subversion without having to install it on 10.4 Tiger.
  • All-in-one UI mode optimized for use on laptops and other small displays.
  • Multiple-window UI mode optimized for use on desktop systems with large (or even multiple) displays.
  • And much much more.

What’s New

Version 2.7.13:

  • 1.8-level Subversion updated to 1.8.8. See the Apache Subversion Change Log for details on the issues addressed in this version.
  • Cornerstone no longer displays an error when attempting to open a 1.8-format working copy.
  • The correct repository type icon is now used in the recent item menus in the HTTP(S) and SVN pages of the add/edit repository window.
  • Revision range "+" (i.e. -- HEAD) in the revision range field is not displayed correctly when tokenized.
  • Cornerstone hangs if overwrite prompt is canceled when dragging a file from the repository browser to another application.
  • Ruby regex string literals containing escaped forward slashes are not rendered correctly in the compare view.


Intel, OS X 10.6 or later


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