Hold On for Dear Life 1.7.4

Hold On for Dear Life 1.7.4

Apple stock widget meets crypto. With a Menu Bar ticker. FEATURES: [+] Today Widget in the Notification Center. [+] Real-time (literally) price updates in the Menu Bar. [+] Histograms charts (day, week, month, year) of recent market performance. SUPPORTS: [+] Thousands of cryptos. [+] Dozens of “from” currencies. [+] Various exchanges.

Bill Express

Bill Express 1.0.3

Bill Express is a simple tool to schedule and track different types of bills that you pay for a month. With this app you can generate lists of overdue payments, planned payments and check what has already been paid off. Bill Express is made to help with those needs! Make your ongoing monthly financial planning […]

CalcTape 1.4.0

CalcTape is a revolutionary new kind of pocket calculator. With CalcTape, also extensive calculations remain clearly structured. CalcTape makes the arithmetic process visible – you can generate intermediate results and subsequently correct or change all numbers and operations. Calculate. Comment. Correct. Input a long list of values to be calculated and never lose the overview – […]

CheckBook 2.6.1

CheckBook Pro 2.6.4

With CheckBook, easily and simply manage your personal checking accounts. A paper check register can’t categorize your transactions or report cash flow over time, and it’ll never balance itself. That’s where we come in. Introducing CheckBook 2, the powerfully simple personal finance manager. Precisely manage your finances: Find transactions with simple searches or dozens of powerful […]

Bitcoin Bar

Bitcoin Bar 1.0

This menu bar application will keep you up to date on bitcoin prices in 22 different currencies. Choose from several different update intervals and add your wallet holdings to keep track of your personal value in any supported currency.


MoneyWell 3.0.6

MoneyWell is a streamlined solution for money management on your Mac. If you’ve ever been overwhelmed by the needless complexity of other personal finance applications, you’ll find MoneyWell to be a breath of fresh air. Features Single-window simplicity – Tracking your transactions doesn’t have to be intimidating. With its single-window interface, MoneyWell brings everything together […]


iCompta 6.0.14

iCompta is a simple and powerful personal finance management application. iCompta is designed to be as easy to use as possible while maintaining an array of features to help you track your money down and start saving! Features Multiple currencies: Each account can have its own currency and you can organize transactions by category. Compatibility: iCompta […]


Moneyspire 18.0.6

Moneyspire is remarkably great personal finance software! Enjoy these benefits: Keep track of your bank accounts, credit cards, etc. and see all your account balances in one place. Categorize your spending and income. Balance your checkbook and keep your accounts in order. Set bill reminders and see all your upcoming payments so you never forget to […]

Exchange Rates 2.6.0

Exchange Rates 2.7.0

Exchange Rates is perfect for you if you are tired of launching the OS X Calculator app and stepping through menu paths, or launching the fullscreen OS X Dashboard just for doing a simple currency conversion. It’s a small currency calculator residing in the OS X status bar — always available and always up-to-date. Nothing more, […]

Portfolio Bar 1.0

Portfolio Bar 1.2.4

Portfolio Bar makes it easy to stay up to date on the stocks, ETFs and investments you care most about. With a highly customizable menu bar display you can track up to 20 of your favorite securities and get automatic background updates of their performance throughout the day. Portfolio Bar also makes it easy to view […]


DayRate 1.3

Convert exchange rates for over 160 currencies. ◎ Support 12 languages ◎ Custom theme colors. ◎ Support for over 160 world currencies ◎ Exchange rate auto-updates ◎ Historical chart ◎ Make quick currency calculations into multiple currencies ◎ Beautiful flags are shown for every currency ◎ Allow sharing currency rate

Bitcoin Monitor 2.0.2

Bitcoin Monitor 2.0.2

Bitcoin Monitor provides live updates of the Bitcoin conversation rate on your menu bar. Additional information is included in Bitcoin Monitor’s popup. Price and market-depth information is provided by mtgox.com (price information is requested every minute, market depth every 20 minutes). Features Price-history chart Market-depth chart Currencies: USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, AUD, CAD, CHF Color-coded prices […]

Bills 1.10.6

Bills 1.10.6

Bills is an application that can help you plan and track your expenses every month. Brilliant interface will remind you of a real-life office room (check the screenshots). Clear, simple and quick (a MUST HAVE) financial planning! You always need a simple tool to control how much you want to spend this month. Essentially you […]

Coiney 1.0.2

Coiney 1.0.2

Coiney is a menu-bar cryptocurrency ticker that lets you follow current rates for all major e-coins such Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and more. You can add the most important rates to your menu bar to make them always visible, or add them to a favourites list so they can be just one click away. With just […]


StarMoney 2.1.8

StarMoney shows you where your money goes. It puts all your finances in one place, automatically categorized and presented in a clear and understandable way. Set and reach financial goals and cut your spending. Features Financial Planning: Import and export database data – for example QIF, OFX, MT940, CSV Divide your income and expenses into […]

MoneyWiz 2.5.1

MoneyWiz can simplify your financial life by keeping all your accounts, budgets and bills in one place, plus powerful reports, worldwide online banking, and instant sync between all your devices! That’s MoneyWiz – powerful and beautiful finance software. Features Accounts: Have all your accounts in one place. Arrange them in groups, give them icons and […]

Totals 3.1.5

Totals is a full-featured invoice application for SOHO or business users. Designed from scratch for the power and beauty of the Mac OS, it makes life easy for its users. Totals is a combination of powerful features and a simple user interface. Every single step, every single process is well thought-out. One window for each […]

MacPay Business 4.7.13

MacPay Business Edition is a pro version of our existing MacPay Standard payment management application. It adds the following features to the basic Swiss payment management functions of the Standard version: Full PDF scan and management of invoices. Payment data are extracted from the PDF and the PDF is linked to the payment and filed […]

StockTab 1.4

StockTab is the slickest and simplest way to keep an eye on the markets, right from your menu bar. We’ve beautifully crafted this app to ensure you are at the forefront of the financial markets, be it following individual stock prices or checking out fluctuations in global exchange rates. The app has been designed from […]

Next 1.4

Next helps you get control of your expenses. It’s the easiest way to track your expenses. It’s fast, elegant and won’t get in your way. And with iCloud sync and the additional iPhone/iPad apps, your data is everywhere with you. Your expenses are grouped into different views: By year, month or day. And thanks to […]

ReceiptBox 2.3.1

ReceiptBox is a very easy to use application designed to help you keep track of your receipts. Features: Organize your receipts into multiple accounts. Import-export to file Receipts templates Autocompletes receipt data Search into records Print report Total amount per expenses category

Inspire Finance 3.20

Use Inspire Finance for better control of your home finances. Save all of your expenses and income. Plan your budget to start saving money. The entered transactions can be filtered and sorted according to your needs. The use of categories will guarantee higher transparency of your budget and the schedule will allow you to instantly […]

ookkeeaapp PRO 1.5

ookkeeaapp PRO is a powerful yet easy to use and to understand bookkeeping application for freelancers, small companies, and agencies that are tired of having to use cluttered, cumbersome, and ugly apps. With ookkeeaapp you enter single items, choose if they have to be used for the next VAT/sales declaration, and if so, which tax […]

TurboTax Deluxe 2014

TurboTax guides you through your tax return step by step, does all the calculations, and checks your return for errors and overlooked deductions. It lets you file your return electronically to get your refund faster or prints IRS-approved forms on plain paper. Plus, TurboTax has more money-saving advice. It provides easy access to official IRS […]