1Password 7.3.2

1Password is a password manager that uniquely brings you both security and convenience. It is the only program that provides anti-phishing protection and goes beyond password management by adding Web form filling and automatic strong password generation. Your confidential information, including passwords, identities, and credit cards, is kept secure using strong encryption.

1Password fully supports major Web browsers, including Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. All browser extensions share the same encrypted data which means you never need to manually copy your passwords between browsers or from the password manager to a browser ever again!

1Password is also available for and syncs with Windows, iOS, and Android.

What’s New

Version 7.3.2:

  • Network administrators can now tailor the preferences that dictate the “start automatically at login” behavior for 1Password. {#4020}
  • It is now possible to turn off Two-Factor Authentication for your 1Password Account from the preferences window. {#3862}
  • You can now collapse and expand hierarchical tags in the sidebar. {#596}
  • When collapsed, the sidebar now displays a tooltip for each icon present. {#1047}
  • 1Password account credentials stored in iCloud Keychain will now sort recently used accounts to the top.
  • 1Password is now more fault tolerant when reconnecting to the Safari App Extension after periods of inactivity.
  • The user interface will now refresh in a more pleasing manner while importing items from a .1pif file. {#2622}
  • Improved the stability of custom image manipulation when darkening a selected icon. {#3857}
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using Desktop App Integration. {#4057}
  • Fixed an issue where the sidebar expansion state was not remembered when sleeping and then waking your computer. {#3762}
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the empty item list to draw incorrectly when un-minimizing the main window from the Dock. {#3791}
  • Fixed an issue where vault descriptions weren’t saved properly after editing. {#4022}
  • Fixed an issue that caused 1Password mini to always display All Items if the page in Safari was blank. {#3908}
  • Fixed a class of crashes that impacted many areas of 1Password. {3915, 3914, 3913, 3912, 3911, 3910, 3854, 3881}
  • Fixed an issue where 1Password mini wouldn't show if you tried to use it while at about:blank in Safari. {3886}
  • Fixed an issue that could cause 1Password to prompt to add a file over and over again. {#3765}
  • Fixed an incorrect layout for Document items resulting in excessive scrolling. {#3868}
  • Fixed an issue that could result in "hide search options" being displayed in the search options menu upon unlocking 1Password. {#3926}
  • Fixed an issue that prevented item sharing in a detached window from working correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where secondary accounts would not unlock after taking the first account through recovery. {3865}
  • Fixed the behavior when hitting the tab key to switch between the label and value fields when adding a new field to an item. {#3695}
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when fetching Watchtower updates. {#3904}
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when detaching an empty detail view. {#3840}
  • User consent has been reset for the Have I Been Pwned service with an updated security warning.


mac OS 10.12 or later, 64-bit processor


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9 Responses

  1. Mayol says:

    Merci, mais, désolé, ne fonctionne pas avec Mojave 10.4.1
    Thanks, but, sorry, does not work with Mojave 10.4.1

  2. Mayol says:

    Non, non. Je dis bien Mojave 10.14.1. C’est mon fils qui m’avait monté un Hackintosh et le mettait à Jour. Je suis incapable, après maints essais, de le faire.
    No no. I say Mojave 10.14.1. It was my son who had mounted a Hackintosh and updated it. I am unable, after many attempts, to do it.

  3. jakeypal says:

    Safari extension is enabled, turned on and visible in Safari toolbar but fails to work. Version 7.3.2. Uninstalling and reinstalling does not fix the issue. Other browsers are not affected. Anyone seen the same issues?

  4. fabrice301 says:

    quelle est la difference en terme de fonctionnalité entre la version par abonnement et celle ci ? je suis sur la version 6 . vais je perdre des fonctionnalités ?

    what is the difference in functionality between the subscription version and this one? I am on version 6. will I lose features?

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