Receipts 1.5.2


Receipts enhances your incoming invoice management.

  • Recognize: Receipts recognizes gross invoice amount, slip date, declared sales tax, currency, and bank account details automatically and, thus enables the busy user to speed up his incoming receipts management.
  • Classify: Receipts’ smart character recognition identifies once recorded providers automatically, and thus is able to capture recurring documents correctly and assign to the right category.
  • Analyze: Apart from bar graphs and pie chats in the dashboard giving a quick glance at expenditures by periods, providers and categories, export function enables you to analyze recorded data individually and to enhance your tax declaration.

What's New Version 1.5.2

New and Updated
  • New look for preferences
  • Opt in for beta releases
  • Warning before deleting nonempty contact, category or tag from the outline
  • "Pay Now" button is only shown, when a compatible software is installed
  • Outline view scrolls less
  • Typo in dashboard: "Contacts (Dedit)"
  • Month and quarter in time period filters
  • Focus problems when app becomes inactive
  • Export with titles containing chars like backslash
  • Show duplicate symbol also in top list
  • Contact name consumes as much space as available in side list
  • Today filter did show future items
  • Better naming for "unassigned" and "others"
  • "Unassigned" values in charts were wrong
  • Stability improvements