Principle 3.4

Principle makes it easy to create animated and interactive user interface designs. Whether you’re designing the flow of a multi-screen app, or new interactions and animations, Principle lets you create designs that look and feel amazing. Fix a crash caused by opening corrupted files Fix driver and animate panels on macOS 10.12 Fixed a bug […]

Synalyze It! Pro 1.21

Synalyze It! Pro is a simple-to-use hex editor which will allow you to easily edit and analyze binary files of any size. Synalyze It! features enhanced support for many character encodings and enables you to interactively define “grammars” for various file formats to speed up analysis and reduce manual decoding of files. Incremental search for […]

ARCSOFT™ – Website Builder 1.3.2


ARCSOFT web design software for the macOS platform provides a visual interface for creating and editing websites and mobile web apps, as well as previewing and publishing options on the go. All of this packaged up into a single application for a professional way to manage and share your creations on Mac. Features Drag-and-drop grid-based Web […]


GitFTP-Deploy 2.5.1

GitFTP-Deploy provides dead-simple FTP deployments for your smaller projects. While working with smaller sites you sometimes need a convenient way of deploying to a shared host where you don’t have access to SSH. The site is maybe a presentation for a company and does not receive regular updates.

iStumbler 103.2

iStumbler is a wireless discovery tool for Mac OS X, providing plugins for finding Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth devices, Bonjour services, location information, and now 2.4 and 5 GHz spectrum analysis with your Mac.

WeatherSnoop 4.0.0

WeatherSnoop 4.0.0

WeatherSnoop talks to your Davis Vantage Pro/Vantage Vue, Ambient Weather WS-1080/WS-2080, Weatherwise Solar Pro, RainWise CC-3000, Peet Bros. ULTIMETER 100/800/2000/2100, WeatherHawk weather station, or Weather Underground to obtain current weather data and transfers it directly your Mac. You can upload your data to Weather Underground or the Citizen Weather Observer Program and share with the world.

RapidWeaver 7.5.4

RapidWeaver is a next-generation Web design application to help you easily create professional-looking Web sites in minutes. No knowledge of complex code is required, RapidWeaver will take care of all that for you. RapidWeaver produces valid XHTML- and CSS-based websites. One of the perks about using RapidWeaver is that it has a strong custom theme […]

Trminal 1.0.1

Trminal 1.0.1

Trminal will quickly open a Terminal window, or tab, for the current Finder directory. It’s always accessible from your main menu. It can also automatically run a shell script as soon as the Terminal window/tab opens. Supports the macOS built-in Terminal and iTerm2. An indispensable tool for any developer, shell nerd or git junkie. Get […]

Navicat Premium

Navicat Premium 12.0.18

Navicat Premium is an all-in-one database admin and migration tool for MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle and PostgreSQL. Navicat Premium combines all Navicat versions in an ultimate version and can connect MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL. Navicat Premium allows user to drag and drop tables and data from Oracle to MySQL, PostgreSQL to MySQL, Oracle to PostgreSQL […]


EverWeb 2.5.1

With EverWeb, anyone can create a professional website just by dragging and dropping. Use one of the built-in templates, or start completely from scratch and design the perfect website for your business or personal hobby. Add text, photos, video, widgets, and more to easily create the website you want. EverWeb even creates mobile websites that […]

goPanel 1.9.1

goPanel is an incredibly intuitive OS X app for the management of web servers, an alternative to existing control-panel apps you install on Unix-based servers for web hosting. Easy-to-install and configure Apache or Nginx webserver, PHP, MySQL, FTP, domains, free SSL certs and emails on your server. goPanel lets you easily connect and manage unlimited […]

Sublime Text

Sublime Text 3154

Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor for code, markup, and prose. You’ll love the slick user interface, extraordinary features, and amazing performance. Goto Anything. Use Goto Anything to open files with only a few keystrokes, and instantly jump to symbols, lines, or words. Triggered with ⌘P, it is possible to: Type part of a […]

iSwift 4.0

iSwift is the easiest way to convert your Objective-C code to Swift. Features Ultra fast: Automatic as-you-type conversion, so that you don’t lose even a single second. Yep, instantly. Drag-and-drop: Drop your Objective-C source onto the app icon, import the file and have it instantly converted. Yep, just like that. Smart: Syntax highlighting, autocompletion, live […]

Xliff Editor

Xliff Editor 2.0.4

Xliff Editor provides the easiest way of editing your XLIFF files. No more messing around with the XML format, or worrying about file corruption. Xliff Editor includes full search support, handy keyboard shortcuts, and even basic read support for SDLXliff files! XLIFF files are based on the standard XML format, and are used specifically to exchange […]

Run Swift

Run Swift 1.2

Run Swift offers the best way to easily test your Swift code – without having to open Xcode, mess with “Playgrounds”, or touch the Terminal. All in one place. Features Powerful editor based on Peppermint Advanced code highlighting Autocompletion Snippets Run your scripts with one-click (or just Cmd+R) Option to pass additional command line arguments 2 […]

SQLPro Studio 1.0.152

SQLPro Studio is the premium database management tool for Postgres, MySQL, Microsoft Management Studio and Oracle databases. Features Intellisense/SQL auto-completion Syntax highlighting with customizable themes (including dark) Tab-based interface for an optimal user experience Context aware database tree navigation, including quick access to tables, views, columns, indices, and much more SQL beautifier/formatter Database-wide searching NTLMv2 […]

Kaleidoscope 2.2.2

Kaleidoscope spots differences in text and image files. Features General Single window workflow: One tab per comparison Compare two+ files: Add any number of files per tab Always up to date: Auto-refreshes when files change File Shelf: Quickly go from file to file Path Bar: See where your files are Keyboard shortcuts: Every action has […]

Faux Pas 1.7.2

Faux Pas inspects your iOS or Mac app’s Xcode project and warns about possible bugs, as well as about maintainability and style issues. What the Clang Static Analyzer is to your code, Faux Pas is to your whole Xcode project. Faux Pas doesn’t just look at your code – it inspects all the elements of […]

CrossFTP 1.98.6

CrossFTP is an FTP, Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier and Google Storage client. Features Powerful FTP and Amazon S3 client Unicode support for international sites Bonjour service discovery Site password protection Multi-tab navigation Archive browsing (.zip,.tar.gz,etc.), extraction, and compression Fast filtering by masks Transfer compression (mode Z) Web searching Auto-reconnecting and anti-idle Sound and event triggers […]

SQLPro for MySQL 1.0.54

SQLPro for MySQL is a lightweight MySQL client, allowing quick and simple access to Oracle MySQL Servers, including those hosted in Amazon RDS. This SQL Client is only for MySQL and will not work with other database servers such as MSSQL or PostgresSQL. Features Syntax highlighting Intellisense Tab-based interface Support for executing multiple queries at once […]

Blocs 2.4.4

Blocs for Mac is a fast, easy-to-use, powerful visual web-design tool that lets you create beautiful, modern websites without the need to write code. Cleverly designed to accommodate complete beginners or those familiar with web design. You will love building with Blocs. Features Designed For Simplicity – Building with Blocs is simple and fun. A clean, intuitive […]

RazorSQL 7.3.13

RazorSQL allows you to query, update, navigate, and manage all major databases from one database tool. With RazorSQL, a SQL query tool, SQL editor, and database navigator, you can run SQL scripts, visually edit, create, alter, and view tables, import and export data, build queries with a query builder tool, and navigate databases with the […]

Espresso 5.0.4

Espresso is back. For people who make delightful, innovative, and fast websites — in an app to match. Espresso helps you write, code, design, build, and publish with flair and efficiency. Sophisticated text features, amazing Live Preview with Browser Xray, CSSEdit tools, the Navigator, Dynamo auto-building, and Server Sync. Whether you’re starting from scratch or […]

SQLPro for SQLite 1.0.111

SQLPro for SQLite is the top SQLite editor for OS X. Features Automatic data reloading when the database gets modified externally. Backwards compatibility with SQLite 2. Version integration. Mucked your database? Rollback to a previous version. Semiautomatic dependency resolution. Column reordering. Import or export your data in CSV, mySQL, XML, or JSON formats. Export custom […]